The Vapor Couture line has been designed specifically for just women. The vapor cigarette is one of a kind because the technology from the V2 e-cig is combined with a fashionable design and modern style accessories. Each cartridge can be mixed and matched with any rechargeable e-cig battery. Every cartridge has a very unique flavor to them and can also be modified for a woman’s usage. The Passeport Kit is a starter kit in the Vapor Couture line.

Vapor Couture CouponThe Passeport Kit comes in four different categories of choices to select for a woman’s personal usage. This kit includes: two batteries, two five packs of flavor cartridges, one portable charging case, one stainless steel fluted charm necklace, one auto adapter, one charging kit, and one user manual for the beginners. Each battery, cartridge, and case come in different patterns. These patterns include brushed platinum is “sleek and feminine”, deep purple is “reminiscent of Hollywood elegance”, rose gold is “sexy and delicate for all occasions”, and lastly white signature is “oozing with style”.

Each cartridge comes in six different flavors to choose from. Flavors include: Rodeo Drive is an american tobacco flavor that is substantially rich, Bombshell is an exotic smooth Turkish tobacco flavor, Passion Fruit is made to be a flavor of “fun” and fruity for the users that want something sweet, Fresh Mint that provides a strong menthol flavor with a lovely hint of fresh mint taste, Strawberry Champagne provides a fruity and also a full strength flavor than also has a hint of “passion” desire, lastly is Artic Mint that has a rich blast of artic mint flavor. Each of the e-cig’s come with multiple nicotine strengths. These different strengths include 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, and 1.8%. Each case that is provided in this Passeport Kit is a charging case that is portable.

It comes in three different patterns including: brushed platinum, deep purple, and rose gold. With having a charger kit and also a car adapter, every woman that travels for either a day or for a vacation of sort, these accessories help the e-cig user’s travel in “style”. The Vapor Couture charging case that is portable will always guarantee that the e-cig stays charged for anywhere a woman chooses to go. A “fluted charm necklace” is included in this kit. This necklace will securely hold the e-cig keeping it safe and also easy to get to for usage. You can also get great discounts on Vapor Couture products using this Vapor Couture discount.